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    Poseidon Adventures Development Group "High Performance Homes"

    If a product is labeled "High Performance", you would expect that product to operate more efficiently and perform at a level that is superior to other comparable products. In the case of a home being labeled “High Performance”, we are referring to its ability to provide a safer and a more comfortable living environment, minimize energy consumption, reduce ongoing maintenance requirements, and ultimately saving the homeowner money on a monthly basis.  In 2014 Poseidon Adventures Development Group began building new “High Performance” homes specifically designed and built to achieve optimum performance and protection against the climate and environment where they are built.

  • The Building Process

    The Building Process

    Advanced Framing Techniques- Poseidon Adventures Development Group uses advanced framing techniques to start the construction process. By incorporating a 2x6 framing process, the home has superior strength, reduced conductive heat transfer, and uses less wood resources than standard framing.

    Insulation- Once the house is framed, flame resistant foam insulation is sprayed into the frame, under the roof deck, under the floors, and anywhere air or heat can be transferred. It not only insulates the house much like a Styrofoam cooler, it also serves to further strengthen the structure.

    Windows- Heat reflective impact windows are installed to minimize the radiant heat transfer through the glass based on the windows location in the home and exposure to the sun.

  • Energy Consumption

    Energy Consumption

    Poseidon Adventures Development Group addresses each system that consumes energy and chooses a quality product that increases the homes efficiency.

    Air Conditioner- 16-18 SEER a/c systems are typically installed into the home with a single or dual stage compressor. The square footage and ceiling height will determine the number of units needed to adequately cool the home and whether a single or dual stage compressor is needed.

    Pool Pump- A “Variable Speed” programmable pool pump is used to circulate the pool water. The purpose is to program the pump to run as slow as possible to circulate the water efficiently and conserve energy. The result is a 30% to 90% energy savings over single or two speed pool pumps.

    Hybrid Water Heaters- The water heater uses heat pump technology, which pulls environmental heat to heat the water while dehumidifying and cooling the ambient air. This can reduce heating costs up to 66%.

    Appliances- All appliances are “Energy Star” rated.

    Lighting- The light bulbs used in the homes are “Energy Star” or LED bulbs. These bulbs not only use less energy and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, but also generate less heat, potentially reducing the running time of the air conditioning system.

  • Energy Gain

    Energy Gain

    In order to offset the amount of energy consumed, Poseidon Adventures Development Group adds energy generating solar panels on the roof to offset the energy consumption. The roof size and exposure to the sun determine the number of solar panels a home can accommodate, which then determines how much energy offset each home can achieve.

    Solar Panels- Each solar panel can generate over 300 watts of power.

    Micro inverters- Each solar panel has its own micro inverter which converts the DC power collected through the solar panels to AC power.

    Envoy- This software monitors the inverters and communicates the information to a program on the homeowner’s home computer. This allows the homeowner to track the power being generated by hour, day, and month.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    In April 1995, the National Association of State Energy Officials and Energy Rated Homes of America founded the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) to develop a national market for home energy rating systems and energy efficient homes. Due to the strategies and standards which Poseidon Adventures Development Group has adopted in its new home construction, each home has more inspections throughout the construction process than a standard code-built home. Independent, third party inspections, by a certified RESNET inspector, ensure every performance related detail meets the intended design specifications and manufacturer recommendations for quality installation.

  • HERS Index

    Poseidon Adventures Development Group strives to build a “High Performance” home, which tests as close to zero as possible. If we accomplish that we know we have, FIRST and FOREMOST, created a well built, tight home and secondly, we have created an extremely efficient home which will save the homeowner money on power bills and maintenance for years to come.

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